Mark Dorazio Announces Candidacy for Texas House District 122

Mark Dorazio Announces Candidacy for Texas House District 122

November 10, 2021

Small businessman, former Bexar County GOP Chairman, 2020 RPT Platform Chairman, and Current SREC SD 25 Committeeman Enters Republican Field as the Clear Conservative Choice

SAN ANTONIO – Lifelong conservative, entrepreneur, family man, and Republican Party activist Mark Dorazio today formally announces his bid to represent Texas House District 122 spanning northern Bexar County.

“Whether it’s building a successful small business, fostering ever stronger faith, or advancing conservative policies and candidates, I have always been someone to work to get things done. And today I am announcing that I am willing to do the challenging but critically important work to ensure that HD 122 is represented by a true, proven conservative leader when the legislature convenes in 2023,” said Dorazio.

Outside of his professional and personal pursuits, Mark has practiced a life of service to his conservative beliefs, leading in many volunteer capacities over the last 35 years to advance the Republican Party and its ideals. Previously, Mark Dorazio served as Bexar County Republican Chairman from 2017 to 2018. He was honored to be chosen to lead the critically important Platform Committee at the 2020 Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Convention and give voice to the will of the thousands of grassroots delegates in attendance from across state. Currently, Mark is the Committeeman for SD 25 on the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC), which serves as the governing body of the Republican Party of Texas.

Mark Dorazio is the best equipped Republican candidate for HD 122 to lead on:

  • Ending the chaos on our southern border without asking permission from Joe Biden.
  • Ensuring that Texas has the most fair and secure elections in the United States.
  • Rooting out the encroachment of Critical Race Theory and other ideologically-driven curriculum from our public schools.
  • Empowering lawful Texans to keep and bear arms as they deem necessary to defend their lives and their property.
  • Championing the rights of the unborn.
  • Defending our right to peacefully assemble.

“Texas and this community have given my family and I so much. I want to give back to our state and the people of HD 122 by unapologetically fighting for the conservative principles that we share and advancing the freedoms of all Texans. I look forward to the campaign and the hard work ahead,” concluded Dorazio.