Border Security

For decades both Republicans and Democrats in D.C. have promised to secure our southern border and it is worse now than ever. As the state with the longest stretch of border with Mexico, it’s time for our state government to step up and do what needs to be done: Texas must secure the border itself. I am prepared to use every resource and power available to protect the citizens of this great state. Joe Biden clearly doesn’t have the will or desire to take care of this crisis, so Texas must stand in the gap for its citizens.

Critical Race Theory

One of the things that makes America so great is that we are constantly striving to form “a more perfect union.” Those words from the preamble of the U.S. Constitution are as true now as they were then. But there is a concerted war on our national identity and our history being waged by the Left. Their latest attempt to divide us is Critical Race Theory and it is rapidly invading our public schools and our workplaces. I wholeheartedly reject Critical Race Theory in all of its forms and I will never stop fighting to get it out of our schools and out of our workplaces. America is the greatest nation in the history of the world and we were founded on amazing ideals by amazing men and women. I will defend that legacy.

Property Taxes

Property taxes in Texas are out of control and despite what elected officials have been saying for years, it hasn’t gotten any better. Real change is long overdue. On appraisals, the burden of proof is currently on the taxpayer when it comes to arguing against appraisal values for their property. It is the government who should bear the burden of proof and who should be required to show that its appraisal is accurate and fair before our citizens are forced to pay ever-increasing property taxes on their homes and businesses. Additionally, our local government’s addiction to property taxes must be addressed. We must move away from this nefarious tax. Texans should not continue to live under the threat of losing their property to the government well after they have paid their property off or are moving toward retirement.

Texas vs. D.C.

Our federal government has lost respect for the sovereignty of the many states and the 10th Amendment of the Constitution. I have not. I will push back against Joe Biden and D.C. bureaucrats at every turn when they threaten our land, our water, our oil and gas, our economy, our individual rights, religious liberties, and more. The states convened to form the federal government, not the other way around. It’s high time they remembered it and I will work to keep Texas strong.


I am unwavering and noncompromising in my belief that life begins at conception and ends at natural death. I fully support Texas’ recent Heartbeat Bill and will continue to support legislation that seeks to end abortion altogether. The people instituted governments to protect the most vulnerable amongst them and there is no one more vulnerable than a preborn baby who cannot advocate for itself or defend its life. I will be their advocate and I will defend their lives.

2nd Amendment

We are a unique nation in that we not only recognize the basic right to self-defense, but also the right to keep and bear arms, both enshrined in our 2nd Amendment. We all know that criminals don’t follow the law, but the Left continues to push laws that will only diminish the rights of law-abiding citizens. I will never support any measure which limits or curtails the rights of citizens who follow our laws and responsibly exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. I will fight to defend an individual’s right to protect his life, his liberty and his property from those who wish to take it by force.

Election Security

I have spent some time working on election integrity in Texas, and I’m outrage​d that illegal voting was changed from a felony to a misdemeanor in the final stages of our recent election integrity overhaul bill. Make illegal voting a felony again! If elected, that’s exactly what I will fight to do. There is nothing more sacred than our democratic process and I will hold those who would subvert and undermine the process accountable.