Elisa Chan donated to Hillary Clinton

Elisa Chan has supported RADICAL LEFTIST candidates. In fact, she has given Hillary ten times as much as the average DEMOCRAT donor…why?

Which part of Hillary Clinton’s agenda does Elisa Chan most support…

Open borders?
Amnesty for illegal immigrants?
Free, taxpayer-funded socialized medicine for illegal immigrants?

Elisa Chan donated to Texas Democrats

Which part of Roland Gutierrez’s record does Elisa Chan most support…

Critical Race Theory?
Letting men in the girls’ restroom?
Letting men into girls’ sports?

If Elisa Chan doesn’t agree with Roland Gutierrez and Hillary Clinton, why has she supported their campaigns and provided them the funds needed to beat Republicans?

You’ll never have to question where Mark Dorazio stands.

The differences couldn’t be clearer!

Elisa Chan Mark Dorazio
Donates to Democrats Exclusively supports Republicans
Claims she’s conservative Principled conservative
Not supported by conservative leaders Ted Cruz, Rick Perry Endorsed
Donated to Hillary Clinton who wants open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants! Will secure the border—and he’s not asking D.C. for permission!
Donated to far-left Democrat Roland Gutierrez who supports CRT in Texas schools and letting men compete in our women’s sports! Opposes CRT in schools and opposes allowing men in girl’s restrooms and girls’ sports

Mark Dorazio is the real, conservative, principled choice for HD 122!

Mark Dorazio Priorities
  • Secure our border—and he’s not asking permission from D.C.
  • Protect your vote; make illegal voting a felony AGAIN
  • Keep D.C. out of your lives and Texas
  • Provide REAL property tax relief
  • Parent/community access and review of ALL curricula in our schools
  • Support the parent’s right to know ALL school information on their child
  • Parents and taxpayers treated with RESPECT at all school board meetings

Elisa Chan is spending her money to convince you that she is REALLY a conservative despite her record of giving money to far Left Democrats.

Mark Dorazio simply asks that you look at his record. 

That’s the great thing about being authentic…actions speak louder than words on a mailer.

Mark Dorazio – Authentic Conservative

While Elisa Chan was busy helping Democrats, Mark Dorazio has been busy helping to build and support the conservative movement in Texas.

  • Former Chairman – Bexar County Republican Party
  • Former Precinct Chair – Bexar County Republican Party
  • Former Chairman – Republican Party of Texas Platform Committee
  • Member – Texas State Republican Executive Committee
  • Veteran of DOZENS of Republican campaigns in Texas

Join Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, and Texas conservatives in supporting Mark Dorazio!

Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz

Endorsed Mark Dorazio

Rick Perry

Fmr. Gov. Rick Perry

Endorsed Mark Dorazio

Election Day is May 24th.
Early voting begins April 25th.

Add your name to stand up for conservative, Republican principles and keep up with Mark Dorazio all the way to Austin!