In *2016*, Elisa Chan donated to radical leftist Roberto Trevino.

My opponent has spent the last month desperately trying to convince you that her political donations, which are a matter of public record, are something other than what they are.

Well, in 2016 she donated not once, but twice, to one of the most radical leftists on the San Antonio City Council, Roberto Trevino.

Here is the cold hard proof. It doesn’t get any colder or harder than this:

Who is Roberto Trevino? Just go read his twitter account.

He’s open border, pro-abortion, and radical on LGBT issues.

He led the fight to run off Chick-Fil-A because of their strong pro-family stance on issues. He fought hard to move the Cenotaph from its place outside the Alamo. And so much more.

And Elisa Chan donated to him. Not once, but twice.

She has tried to deceive and distract you from her over a decade long history of donating to the enemies of the Republican Party and the conservative movement, but facts are fact.

No one is lying about Elisa Chan. She just hopes you think so. Don’t reward Elisa’s lies. Vote for Mark Dorazio.

More facts about Elisa Chan.

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